Annual Meeting Summary

150 staff from libraries and cultural heritage organizations attended the Minnesota Digital Library's 13th Annual Meeting on June 15, 2015. Keynote speaker Natalie Milbrodt (Queens Library) kicked the day off with her presentation titled "Democratizing the Archives: Engaging the expertise of communities we serve to enrich our collections." An MDL update followed, which included a concise recap of the activities of the MDL over the past year and future activities. Here's a sample of the activity reported during the MDL Update session:

  • 169: Total Collections in Minnesota Reflections
  • 11: New contributing organizations contributing to Minnesota Reflections this year
  • 34: New projects accepted in Phase 11
  • 229,572 Total digitized items in Minnesota Reflections
  • 468,518: Total MDL digitized objects in DPLA

Want to hear more? Visit the annual meetings page to access video recordings of the keynote presentation and the Minnesota Digital Library update session. Presenter handouts have also been posted.