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Trondhjem Community Preservation Society

The Trondhjem Community Preservation Society, Inc. is a non-profit corporation formed to preserve and care for the historic Trondhjem Church in rural Lonsdale, Minnesota, and to collect the history of this 19th century Norwegian immigrant community. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the building was constructed in 1878 and rebuilt in 1899. The building now serves as venue for community events, family reunions, concerts and weddings.

Adjoining the church is a museum displaying historic community photographs and a story of the Trondhjem’s development beginning in the 1860s. The collection in Minnesota Reflections includes original images from our exhibit and personal letters sent to Private Ole Berg from his friends and parents during his service in World War I.

Contact Information

Trondhjem Community Preservation Society
PO Box 259
Lonsdale, MN 55046
United States

Trondhjem Community Preservation Society website