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Rockford Area Historical Society

The Rockford Area Historical Society, which operates the historic Ames-Florida-Stork House in Rockford, MN, maintains a large collection of artifacts and written documents pertaining to the Ames, Florida, and Stork families who owned the house beginning in 1856. The RAHS conducts tours and programs centered on these items to further promote the heritage and lifestyle of the families during their time in Rockford, but also St. Paul, Jasper, and Illinois. The RAHS's contribution to Minnesota Reflections includes images of the William Stork family, taken between 1880 and 1920, and the daily diaries of William's daughter, Florence, written during her teenage years.

Contact Information

Rockford Area Historical Society
8131 Bridge St.
Rockford, MN 55373
United States

Rockford Area Historical Society website