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Minitex is a publicly supported network of academic, public, state government, and special libraries working cooperatively to improve library service for their users in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. Minitex is a joint program of the Minnesota Office of Higher Education and the University of Minnesota. Their collection includes oral history interviews from library staff in the region that help tell the story of Minitex and library service in Minnesota. Interviewees include former state librarians and state library services staff, library thought leaders in Minnesota, and former and current Minitex staff. The subject content is diverse and includes the history of library consortia in Minnesota, development of statewide services such as interlibrary loan and delivery, and library automation and technology (migration from card catalog to catalogs, and later online catalogs) in Minnesota.

Contact Information

301 19th Avenue South
60 Wilson Library
Minneapolis, MN 55455
United States

Minitex website