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American Craft Council

The American Craft Council (ACC) is a national, nonprofit educational organization dedicated to promoting understanding and appreciation of contemporary American craft. The ACC Library maintains the most comprehensive collection of print and visual material on American studio craft in the country, including books, catalogues, periodicals and files on individual artists. In addition, the ACC Library archives contain rare photographs and documents recording exhibitions, conferences, workshops and other critical events from across the country that shaped the postwar craft movement.

The ACC contributes to Minnesota Reflections oral history interviews with ceramic artists living and working in the St. Croix River Valley of Minnesota. The participating potters are among a group that annually host The St. Croix Valley Pottery Tour, a nationally recognized event attracting thousands of visitors from throughout the U.S. As documented by the ACC, follow the evolution of this Minnesota community through the oral and transcribed stories of the potters, along with accompanying visual materials.

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