Ebooks Minnesota Collection Development Task Force

This Collection Development Task Force is charged with creating an Ebooks MN collection development policy that provides reading materials that meet the needs of patrons of all types of libraries in Minnesota. The Task Force will also identify priority areas for collection development while acknowledging uncertainty of future funding, and provide guidance on outreach and publicity matters. Task Force members are selected for knowledge in the field, types of libraries represented, and geographical distribution. Terms are three years, and may be renewed once.


Updated March 24, 2020.

  • Ashley Bieber
    State Library Services
  • Josh Jackson
    North Trail Elementary School, Farmington
  • Jessica Moore
    St. Cloud Area School District, St. Cloud
  • Ellen Morehouse
    Brooklyn Center Schools
  • Lisa Von Drasek
    University of Minnesota Libraries - Twin Cities
  • Jessica Zillhart
    St. Paul Public Library

Minitex Support Liaisons

  • Matt Lee - chair
  • Nick Banitt
  • Linda Mork
  • Beth Staats